Junior Rodeo

Tuesday Night at 7:30 pm in the Arena

***Negative Coggins Required!***

We accept cash only at these events! Please plan accordingly.

Jr. Rodeo Events and Ages

Mutton Bustin' --- 6 & under

Calf Ridin' --- 7 to 10

Steer Ridin' --- 10 to 13

Sheep Undecoratin' --- 6 to 10 (100% Payback)

PeeWee Barrels --- 13 to 18

Jr. Barrels --- 9 to 12

Sr. Barrels --- 13 to 18

PeeWee Poles --- 8 & under

Jr. Poles --- 9 to 12

Sr. Poles --- 13 to 18

**Signups will begin at 6 pm on August 30 near the horse barn! **

Some areas have a max amount allowed so please signup early to reserve your spot!


Mutton Bustin' --- $5

Calf Ridin' --- $10

Steer Ridin' --- $15

Sheep Undecoratin' --- $5

PeeWee Barrels --- $5

Jr. Barrels --- $10

Sr. Barrels --- $15

PeeWee Poles --- $5

Jr. Poles --- $10

Sr. Poles --- $15


Buckaroo's (5 & under) - Free

Youngin's (6 to 13) - $4.00

Saddle Warmers (14 & up) - $6.00




Friday and Saturday Nights beginning at 8 pm.

Put on by Chigger Valley Rodeo Company.

Rodeo Armbands

Rodeo armbands will be sold out of the Fair Office / Ticket Booth. Please understand that we cannot control the weather and until notified by the Rodeo Association, the rodeo will go on even if it is raining. Also, just to be clear, ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND WE DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS if you decide you do not want to attend after purchasing an armband. Unfortunately we can accept CASH ONLY at this time. Note: This is the only way we make money to pay for our bills during the year. We do not charge admission at the front gate. This allows us to put on the fair for the public. Thank you for supporting us!!

Chigger Valley Rodeo Company

Chigger Valley Rodeo Company began in 1996 in Magazine, AR as a way for local teens to try their hands at bull riding. David Moore built an arena behind his house, bought a few bulls, and had a buck-out every Sunday for the boys to come ride. Word got around and we soon had dozens of riders, ropers, and barrel racers wanting to come use the arena. With the support of the community and good friends, Chigger Valley has grown into a successful rodeo and livestock company that has regularly hosted and contracted several championship rodeos in Arkansas for a little over 20 years. And, Lord knows, we don’t’ do it for the money, we do it for the fun!