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1. This contest is open to girls between the ages of 0-23 (age the day of pageant), who are residents of Randolph County.

2. Female contestants must have been born a female and cannot be, or at any time have been, engaged, annulled, divorced, married, pregnant, or have a child.

3. Any reigning Randolph County Fair Queen, in any age group, who does not conduct herself properly at all times, or who brings unfavorable publicity to herself and the Randolph County Fair, will be require to relinquish her title and return all prizes. In addition, any actions by a fair queen that are deemed inappropriate by the fair board or pageant committee could also result in the relinquishment of her title and all prizes. If there are enough duties left in the year, the 1st runner-up will be crowned queen and fulfill those duties. 

4. If any fair queen is unable to fulfill her duties for any reason, the 1st runner up will be crowned queen and fulfill those duties, if enough are left in the year.

5. A contestant must have never been convicted of any crime nor have any criminal charges pending.

6. Age divisions are as follows: Baby Miss. (0-12 months), Teeny Miss (13-23 months), Tiny Miss (2-3 years), Petite Little Miss (4-5 years), Little Miss (6-8 years), Pre-Teen Miss (8-9 years), Teen Miss (10-11 years), Young Junior Miss (12-13 years), Junior Miss (14-17 years), and Miss (18-23 years). Again, this age is the day of the pageant. In the Miss division ONLY, a graduated senior is allowed to move up.

7. Pageant attire for contestant’s ages 0-23 months is Sunday best and ALL OTHER AGE DIVISIONS are formal/pageant wear. NO GLITZ. The Junior Miss contestants will compete in an interview and sportswear. Miss contestants will compete in an interview and swimwear (see guidelines below).

8. A previous winner cannot compete in the same age group that they have previously won. Baby Miss-Young Junior Miss must choose if they want to compete the year after they are crowned, only IF they are eligible for a different age division, OR if they want to crown the new winner. The Junior Miss and Senior Miss reigning Queens MUST crown the incoming queen, therefore not competing in the pageant the year after they are crowned.

9. The Miss and Junior Miss contestants will be required to compete in an interview. The interview will be held on Saturday, August 5th 2023 at 10 am. Attire for the interview should be dress suit, jewelry and shoes of choice (no hats, gloves or purses). This is for contestants only. No cell phones please.

10. The Junior Miss contestants will also be required to compete in sportswear. Attire for the sportswear competition should be sports attire representing a favorite athletic-type sport such as: baseball, tennis, golf, cheerleading, dance, gymnastics, etc. or any outdoor sports such as: hunting, fishing, horseback riding, etc. Attire must be approved by director prior to rehearsal. Props are acceptable, but must be carried only they cannot be used to demonstrate a choice of sports during the on-stage modeling. Judging is based on all-over first impression, physical fitness, energy level, proportion of figure in relation to height and weight, posture, poise, personality, stage presence and confidence. Be familiar with and somewhat knowledgeable of your chosen sport.

11. Miss contestants will be required to compete in swimwear. Attire for this competition must be a one piece and approved by the pageant directors at rehearsal. Judging is based on overall first impression, physical fitness, energy level, proportion of figure in relation to height and weight, posture, poise, personality, stage presence, and confidence.

12. Rehearsal will be Friday, August 4, 2023 at 5:30 pm. THIS IS MANDATORY and we ask that at least 1 parent or guardian stay with each contestant. Miss contestants are required to bring their swimwear of choice to rehearsal to be approved by the pageant directors.

13. Any display of poor sportsmanship and/or unbecoming conduct, any interference and/or disturbance, or any behavioral problem caused by a contestant, parent, relative or supporter of a contestant could result in the disqualification of the contestant. NOT ONLY from this years’ pageant, but from future contests as well.

14. ALL JUDGES DECISIONS ARE FINALNo score sheets will be handed out.

15. MANDATORY!  Miss and Junior Miss Randolph County Fair will travel to Little Rock to compete in the State Fair pageant and will be given $100 toward expenses to the state pageant. If you are not able to do this, you will give up your crown and 1st runner up will go!

16. We will crown a Queen and 2 alternates. 

17. Queens are required to ride in the Fair Parade on Tuesday, August 29, 2023 at 5:00pm. 1st runner-up is also asked 1. to ride in the parade. We ask that you please dress nicely; you don't have to wear your pageant dress. Don't forget your crown and sash.

18. NO CANDY CAN BE THROWN IN THE PARADE! We will have people watching the parade and if you are caught throwing candy you will forfeit your prizes. You are representing the fair when you ride in the parade, please remember this and abide by these rules.

19. Queens are required to ride in the rodeo on Friday and Saturday nights of the fair. Please wear appropriate clothing (blue jeans and pageant t-shirt are perfect) with your sash and crown.

20. PUBLIC APPEARANCES: The Miss and Jr. Miss Queens will be required to make a MINIMUM of 5 public appearances each. Please dress in Sunday best/business appropriate clothing, crown and sash. All appearances MUST be approved by the pageant committee.

21. Entry fee for all ages will be $40 if paid in full by August 1. Any entries after that day will be $50. Add-ons will be $5 for Best Dressed and $5 for Most Photogenic. Both are optional. You must enter the beauty pageant to compete in the Most Photogenic. Only 1 photograph per contestant. Pictures should be no larger than 8x10 and no smaller than 5x7. No frames please. Pictures can be black/white or color; professional or snapshots. No digitized photos will be accepted. Photographs MUST be submitted on the night of rehearsal.

22. Contestants will be judged on facial beauty, stage presentation (ages 0-8 personality; ages 9-23 facial beauty, stage presentation, modeling and personality), and over-all appearance. Miss and Junior Miss contestants will also be judged in interview, sportswear, swimwear and on-stage question.

23. The fair board, pageant committee, and venue are not responsible for accidents, theft, or injury incurred in route to/from or during the pageant.

24. The persons crowned Miss and Junior Miss Randolph County will be REQUIRED to sign a contract with the Randolph County Fair Pageant Committee and the Randolph County Fair Board. This contract will be reviewed after crowning.

25. The Randolph County Fair Association and the pageant committee reserve the right to interpret these rules and to amend or add to these rules as their judgment may determine necessary. Any contestant who fails to abide by any of the above rules will be disqualified from the pageant.

26. Scoring percentages for Junior Miss and Miss will be as follows: Interview 50%, Swimwear/Sportswear 15%, and Formal wear/On-stage question 35%.

These rules were updated April 4, 2023 to follow the rules set out by the Arkansas State Fair Queen Pageant.

Applications can be picked up in the lobby at Service Abstract & Title, Inc., OR please email to request an entry form.

ALL ENTRIES SHOULD BE MAILED TO: Nicole Trublood, 5794 Highway 90, Pocahontas, AR 72455 OR Jamie Daniel 1715 Sunset Blvd, Pocahontas, AR 72455. 

The deadline for entries is August 1, 2023. Late entries will be accepted upon the director’s discretion, but WILL NOT appear in the pageant program. If you have any questions, contact Nicole Trublood at (870) 844-1287 or Jamie Daniel at (870) 378-6862, Text anytime, please hold all phone calls until after 5 pm.

The pageant will begin promptly at 4 pm on Saturday, August 5, 2023; doors will open to the public at 3 pm. Admission is $5 for ages 6 and up; 5 and under—free.

Thank you to our 2022 Miss Randolph County Pageant Sponsors!!!

Janna Caldwell

Service Abstract & Title

Posey Patch

A BIG THANK YOU to Pocahontas School District for use of the MD Williams Gym!


1. Must be a legal resident of Randolph County.

2. Must wear western / rodeo attire.

3. Sr. and Jr. divisions will have an interview, horsemanship, and stage walk. Little Miss and Tiny Miss will have horsemanship and stage walk.

4. No one competing can be married, pregnant, or have been with child.

5. Decision of the judges will be final. 

6. Any behavior that is unruly will result in disqualification. 

7. Entry forms must be completed and turned in by noon on August 11th. They can be e-mailed to or turned in at the Randolph County Extension Office.

8. No stallions.

9. Queens in each age division must ride in the fair parade, the fair junior rodeo, and Friday and Saturday night rodeos.

*Under Arkansas law, an equine activity sponsor, livestock activity sponsor, livestock owner, livestock facility, and livestock auction market are not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities or livestock activities resulting from the inherent risk of equine activities or livestock activities. 

Instructions and Guides for Rodeo Queen Contestants

Instructions for Tiny & Little Miss Contestants (Images Below & With Entry Form Above)

Note: Tiny Miss must be leading their horses. Little Miss must be riding their horses.

*Assistants may prompt Tiny & Little Miss contestants to the next obstacle as needed.

Instructions for Junior & Senior Miss Contestants (Images Below & With Entry Form Above)